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Does "tone policing" refer to something Sallies say or something that they should do? Because I don't think I've ever seen someone actually use that phrase and most Sally posts I've seen go straight from "person makes uninformed comment" to "Sally responds in all caps with excessive profanity without stopping to assess the situation".

"Tone policing" is something Sallies have taken to use against people telling them to stop being unintelligible and downright cruel children on the internet. It’s a legitimate concept, typically reserved for bigots of the "you’re mildly angry about something so I’m not gonna listen to you wah wah wah" variety, but it’s been mutated on Tumblr, as usual.

I saw the "this is wealthy privilege blog" and the "this is poor privilege" posts were really obviously a joke. I think a lot of people on tumblr, all over the political spectrum, spend a lot of time being incensed because they cannot tell that satire is satire. Someone needs to invent a sarcasm font and the internet would calm the fuck down.

I agree. Part of the reason why there haven’t been a lot of posts lately is because the Sally-backlash around here has been so big that it’s pretty hard to tell parodies from the real deal now…and I don’t post the ones that have clearly fallen for parodies.

Thanks for all the “where are you” posts, guys! I’m glad you guys are lookin’ out for me on these here Tumblrs. I’ve just been very busy and didn’t even mean to take a hiatus, it just sorta happened and I kept forgetting to update. Whoops! Hope all you guys have been doing okay as well!

I'm tryign to find your post on cultural appropriation, but i can;t seem to find it. care to direct me to it?

There are lots, do you know more specifically what it was about?

In response to your 'are people really saying 'nerd blackface'" post from a little while back: yes, they are, I've seen people saying it unironically. I've mainly seen it in discussions about the show The Big Bang Theory, saying that the show is "nerd blackface" and is offensive. I really don't get it.

Everything hurts

Which post is your absolute favorite that has been submitted so far? If you don't mind me asking. :D

There are like zillions of posts on this blog, there’s no way I could choose!

Hey mun, are you still alive? I don't mean to bother you but I'm worried about you.

I’m okay I’m just busy IRL right now

Don’t worry about me if I disappear from time to time, I’m okay. You guys will also be okay if you go a little bit without memeage.

Are you dead?


That's an incorrect definition of "the brown paper bag" test. The test is a form of colorism within the African American community of the United States. The color of the paper bag is considered to be the "center" marker of blackness that distinguishes “light skin” from “dark skin”. Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, if your skin was darker than a brown paper bag, you did not merit acceptance or inclusion into certain sororities, fraternities, and wealthier African American communities.

Thousands of Black institutions such as Howard University, and numerous church and civic groups all practiced this discrimination, as well.

Oh, wow, that’s pretty bullshit. Thanks for clearing that up though!

I had asked a question a while back, and you never answered it. Is there a reason for that...?

What was your question? I get a lot of them and sometimes they get missed/eaten by Tumblr.